Susan Causey's

School of Dance

Calendar of Events

Please note:   The studio is OPEN and all classes are held on holidays such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Memorial Day.  We are also open for ALL Charleston County teacher workdays.  Classes are in session unless otherwise noted or due to inclement weather.

August 2019:

8/18:  2:30-4:30  Shoe/Dancewear Day for new students
8/18:  5:00-7:00  Shoe/Dancewear Day for returning students.                  
8/TBD:  Makeup Day for ordering shoes and dancewear.

September 2019:

9/2:  Labor Day No Dance                                                                                                                 9/3: Dance classes resume.

October 2019:
10/1:  Semester Tuition due
10/TBD:  Halloween Parties (parents are asked to sign up for treats at the studio).
November 2019:

11/1:  Costume deposits due
11/TBD:  Measure for costumes
11/TBD:  Thanksgiving Break – Studio closed (Wed & Thurs)

December 2019:
12/TBD:  Holiday Parties – children bring $5.00 gift to exchange with a friend (Ms. Susan
               provides treats)
12/TBD:  Winter Break – Studio closed

January 2020:

1/TBD:  Winter Break – Studio closed
1/TBD:  Dance classes resume

February 2020:

 2/1:  Spring semester tuition due

March 2020:

3/1:  Costume balance and recital fees due
Spring Break:  Studio is open

April 2020:

4/1:  Pre-registration begins for 2020-2021
Spring Break:  Studio is open
4/TBD:  Costumes given out at the end of April or beginning of May (all fees must be current)

May 2020:
5/TBD:  Summer Birthday Celebration, Picture Pose & Sun Fun Week – please wear swimsuit to class
5/TBD: Dress Rehearsal and Recital
5/TBD:  Picture Day at the Studio (schedules to be emailed prior to picture day)
5/TBD:  Last day to Pre-Register for 2018-2019
June 2020:




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