Susan Causey's

School of Dance

Shoes and Dancewear

Shoes must be purchased through the studio so they will be uniform for the recital. 
If your dancer's ballet or tap shoes still fit, please wait until she needs new shoes before buying.
All prices include sales tax.  Please make checks payable to Susan Causey.


White Ballet  $21.65
Tan Buckle Tap           31.74
Combo Tap & Ballet           48.55
Jazz           35.75
Pull-on Tap Boot           55.68
Jazz Sneaker           49.91
Combo Jazz & Tap           60.32
Combo Jazz & Pull-on Tap           86.43
Combo Jazz, Tap, Sneaker  142.63


Dance wear

Dance Wear Package (Leotard, tights, bag)

Leotard with Skirt   33.75
Tights            8.68
Tote Bag           12.48
Sweat Pants           16.28
Hoodie Sweatshirt           32.55
Duffle Bag with Name           29.30




  • All dancers must wear appropriate dancewear to class (NOT street shorts, jeans, t-shirts, etc.)  All dancers need to have the appropriate shoes for each class.


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