Susan Causey's

School of Dance


New Student Registration:

Please mail your nonrefundable $35 registration fee along with your Enrollment Fee (covering your September tuition) which is listed below (made payable to Susan Causey

Susan Causey's School of Dance
2487 Ashley River Rd.Suite 1
Charleston, SC 29414

Returning Student Pre-registration:

Pre registration is offered to currently enrolled students. 

 Pre-registration requirements:
- Registration form must be filled out
- Payment for enrollment fee must be submitted. This is the only payment that excludes sister discounts. This payment holds your spot for the next dancing year. This payment is nonrefundable.
- In order to pre-register, all payments must be current.

** If a currently enrolled student does not pre-register, then they must register as a new student.

Enrollment Fee Pricing for Ballet & Tap or Jazz & Tap:

$65 - All ages (3K - 12th)

Enrollment Fee Pricing for Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Contemporary:

Please note:  Classes may be held on days apart from Jazz/Tap
$30 - Hip Hop (1st - 12th)
$30 - Lyrical (3rd - 12th)
$30- Contemporary (9th-12th)

Your enrollment fee serves two purposes:
1.  It holds your spot for the next dance year.
2.  It acts as September's tuition.

Registration After July 25 (returning students):

$35 Registration Fee + Enrollment Fee (see list above).

Please fill out the information below as completely as possible.

Please enter your child's birth date.

Years taken and the age you were for ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip hop.

Ballet and Tap
Jazz and Tap
Hip Hop

Never contact by email
No computer access
Yes No

I am willing to help out at studio.

Yes No

I would like to help during the recital


Class Day and Time, Studio Opening and Dancewear/Shoe Ordering Days will be communicated by email unless otherwise indicated above.

Checks can be made payable to Susan Causey.  Please remit all payments and forms to the studio at the following address: 

Susan Causey's School of Dance
2487 Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC 29414

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